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Housings/Back Glass
Sat, 04-05-2024 - Tags: iphone, back glass, housing
This is just a quick post on the methods of back glass replacements used at Jock IT.
Jock IT doesn't just replace the glass. We replace the whole housing which includes the surround of the phone itself and also includes the back glass.

You may think this is a bit of an overkill just for the glass, but believe me, the back glass on iPhones is stuck on very, very well! If there was a glue made of concrete, then Apple have used it on the back of iPhones!

What that means is that the whole housing is replaced and looks brand new. More often than not, when you damage your iPhone, you also damage the surround of the phone so this sort of repair will also catch all of that additional damage that you might have done to the phone.

And because housings are not that expensive now, the cost difference is not really worth the hassle. Some glass-only repairs are terribly done - I've seen some of them! Sure, the piece of glass on the back of an iPhone is relatively cheap - can be as low as a few GB pounds really, but the work involved in that type of replacement is excessive (IMO!). And there is a risk to damage of your phone - some of the internal components of an iPhone rest on the back of the glass and if the repairer is not careful, these components can easily get damaged whilst removing the glass. And another complication is that the camera lens on the back of iPhones is usually bigger than the hole in the glass, so in order to just replace the glass, repairers need to purchase what is called 'big hole' glass panels that fit over the lens. So the new glass doesn't actually fit exactly the way the existing glass does!
Sure, there are now laser machines that are used to assist in the removal of the back glass, but these machines are massively expensive and you still need to put in the grunt work to remove the glass - these machines do not remove the glass for you!

So, from Jock IT you will get a full housing replacement which will make your phone look brand new again. And of course, everything iin or on your phone will operate exactly as it always has, even Face ID.
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