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Almost all households have at least one laptop these days, whether it is a really good one or just and old one that is doing the bog-standard web browsing and email!

Quite often these laptops can get clogged up just through over-useage. Most laptops running Windows will slow down over the course of 3-5 years, so although the laptop is still reasonably good, it just runs really slowly.

So I do a flat-fee price on either a clean-up or even a complete Windows rebuild. The problem with a clean-up is that it is all down to perception - what you think is slow might not be that slow for the specification of the laptop, taking into consideration the processor (CPU) and the amount of RAM memory. A complete rebuild is generally the best option but this has the added obstacle of keeping your data and any applications you have loaded. I will copy all you data across to the new rebuild and include Microsoft Windows (the version you have licensed on the machine) plus Microsoft Office (the version you have licensed on the machine).

Some of the jobs to be done on the laptop are:

  • Clean-up: £45
  • Rebuild (including data migration): £55
  • Hard disk replacement: Depends on the size of the disk, but generally will cost about £75 (includes rebuild)
  • Screen replacement: depends on the cost of the screen, but as a rough estimate, about £60-£70

Please note: Some of the prices quoted above are estimations, especially for the new hard disks and screen replacements as these very much depend on the price of parts. Hard disks are not really that expensive except for SSD's (Solid State Disks - these are fast and give you much longer battery life). And screens can cost anywhere from about £30 up to £180! So labour needs to be added to these prices. Always best to quote make and model for a firm quotation.

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