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I get asked a lot about how my repairs work and what additional services do I offer, so this should all be covered below.
Your acceptance of Jock IT doing your repair, accepting the price and leaving your device with Jock IT deems acceptance of these terms. If you have any issues with these terms then either discuss them prior to your repair, or you may have to find another repairer. Some of the features of my service may not be valid if you do not accept all of these terms.

Note: I am not an approved Apple repairer, so if your phone is under warranty then my repair will probably void your warranty. In saying that, I'm not sure any repairer is officially approved except for Apple themselves so unless you want to pay their high prices, it's just as economical to get your phone repaired by a reputable repairer. Some repairs are not "Apple Approved" such as charge port repairs so if I was approved, I wouldn't be allowed to carry out some repairs that I currently do.
I offer a warranty on all my repairs and I will endeavour to get your device back to the shape you had it in when you purchase it. The one issue is that if I repair your phone and you then take it to Apple, they will probably refuse to repair or replace it, but I would say just bring it back to me. I am willing to assist in any way I can.

Your Device
When you deliver your device to Jock IT an initial inspection of the device is carried out. If any physical defects are discovered other than those that have been discussed regarding the repair, these will be discussed PRIOR to the repair. Another inspection may be done after the device is opened and any further defects will be reported.
Jock IT will not be liable for any other damage or defects reported prior to or during the repair. If further defects are discovered and reported, and you wish those to be repaired at the same time as your initial repair, these may carry an additional cost, which you will notified of.

Your Data
I can understand that some people are quite protective of their data stored within their device. Information such as private messages, emails and photos are all stored on your device. Jock IT promises not to view any of this data or connect to your device and download, store or use any data from your device.
Your device may also contain Apps (applications) that allow you to visit confidential information (banking). Jock IT promises not to use any of these Apps.
I will need to gain access to your device to fully test it after a repair. This generally involves only using the Settings area of your device. To test other features there are TWO other areas I may use - internet browsing and the telephone function. This is to test connectivity of both data and voice, and also to test the telephone functions (microphone, loudspeaker, etc)
Jock IT accept no responsibility for any data loss on any device we work on. Your are strongly advised to have a recent backup.

Jock IT provides a warranty of 90 days from date of repair. Any defects with workmanship or hardware that has been replaced/repaired within the warranty period will be replaced/repaired free of charge. To qualify for a warranty repair, you must notify Jock IT immediately the problem becomes apparent, and the device must be returned within 7 days so the fault(s) can be diagnosed. Jock IT does not offer refunds as a matter of course. This would only be offered in cases where the problem cannot be rectified and the device is deemed unuseable. If a refund has been agreed (based on the above conditions) then any new parts fitted to the device will be removed and your original parts re-fitted.
A warranty is only offered if the device can be fully tested as stated above in "Your Data". If your device is locked and you have not provided details to gain access then this warranty will be limited and may be void.
There is always a risk that during a repair other issues may arise. Some of the devices I repair are quite complex in their make-up and although I will use all my knowledge and experience to ensure this risk is minimal, you as a customer will accept that other issues can occur. This is particular to certain issues such as speaker problems, camera problems and specifically with certain other features on some modern devices such as Touch ID and Face ID. Although I will do everything in my power to rectify these issues free of charge, I will not be held responsible for the repair unless the device is deemed unuseable.

Payment for your repair is always expected prior to you receiving your device back fully repaired. I don't expect payment upfront for any repairs although if you want to pay upfront that is fine.
I accept all forms of payment except cheque (except in exceptional circumstances). I accept cash, bank transfer and debit/credit cards (min spend £20, no fee).
Through prior agreement, payment terms can be agreed. This usually involves Jock IT providing an invoice for subsequent payment. All invoice payments are due within 14 days of issue. Please note that Invoice Customers (Credit) will have higher prices which differ from my published prices.
Receipts can also be issued. Please request one prior to or when you drop off. Receipts are always sent via email.

No Fix, No Fee
Jock IT operates on a No Fix, No Fee basis. If Jock IT takes a device with the intention of repairing it and a subsequent repair does not solve the problem, there will be no charge. If you have a device that you are not sure of the defect and want to enquire about what is wrong with it and how much it will cost, Jock IT will investigate and provide an analysis and cost at no charge.

Just a note on my published prices. These are mainly indicitive but mostly accurate.
My prices do change from time to time to reflect changes in product pricing and also changes in market pricing (I want to remain competitive!) so please check back regularly to see the latest prices.
My prices are negotiable although I reserve the right to refuse any suggested prices and only progress with my offered price. You are of course welcome to refuse my price.
Prices for invoice customers vary from the quoted prices on this website. This is due to additional administrative duties required for payments. Please enquire for detailed prices.

Jock IT Terms and Conditions
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