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Replacement Screens - fake or real?
Wed, 01-05-2024 - Tags: iphone, screens
I'm going to attempt to let you know about all the different types of replacement screens for the iPhone range.
I'm not an expert in manufactured screens but I often get asked "Is it an Apple scree?" when my customers request a new screen on their iPhone. The simple answer is that Apple don't actually make screens, so even your original screen is not technically an Apple screen, rather a screen made by one of their sub-contractors.

A bit of a lesson on the different types of screen Apple use. Initially, in the older phones, say the iPhone 6 and 7, Apple used a technology called LCD - Liquid Crystal Display. One of the main reasons for using this technology was price. LCD technology is a tried and tested display technology and as such is mass-produced and is therefore relatively cheap for the results you get. These screens are as good as it gets to the naked eye.
Newer iPhones, from the iPhone X and XS, starting using OLED screens - Organic Light Emitting Diode. Not all iPhones from that model onwards have used OELD. The iPhone 11 for example, which came after the iPhone X/XS, uses the LCD technology, but the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max both use OLED!
OLED screens are considered sharper and more energy efficient. This should mean that they are more gentle on the battery!

So most replacement screens for ALL iPhones, which are generally referred to as 'aftermarket' screens, are LCD. Even for the higher-end phones which have OLED screens, most 3rd party repairers will replace these screens with an LCD screen. This is mainly based on cost - it is much cheaper to manufacture LCD screens than OLED screens and therefore the screens are much cheper to buy.

But OLED replacement screens are available for all the iPhones that are fitted with OLED screens. As an example, the cost of a replacement iPhone 12 screen with an LCD screen will cost £70 at Jock IT. If you were to replace the screen with an OLED screen, the cost would be £110. Not a massive difference but then I would argue its not a massive difference with the different screens?
(Prices correct at time of writing)

Now clearly there is a risk that the screen replacement is faulty or is defective in some way - that can happen with anything like this with technology. A fault may manifest itself days or weeks after the repair. But this might happen with ANY screen you use - LCD or OLED? But you will always get a friendly ear at Jock IT that will listen to your concerns. So, no matter what screen you get on your phone, rest assured that you have a flexible warranty here at Jock IT.

At Jock IT, LCD screens are fitted as a matter of course unless the customer specifically requests an OLED screen, and they are made aware of the cost difference.
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