iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nintendo Screen Repair Leatherhead, Bookham, Fetcham, Ashtead, Cobham, Esher, Dorking, Epsom and surrounding areas in Surrey

My services are generally very flexible and I am willing to try and pull out all the stops to help my customers out. In saying that, I need to apply certain conditions to the promises I make, really just to manage your expectation!

Same Day Service
My same day service is generally quite flexible but you cannot turn up at my door at say 8pm and expect your device to be repaired that same day/night!
But if you have pre-arranged a repair or you urgently need a repair and it is 8pm, I can usually accomodate you. So this condition is all about planning your repair. If you want your device repaired on the same day and that day is planned with me in advance, there is no problem.

30-day Warranty
My warranty is based on two main conditions:
- You device must be fully tested before it leaves my premises and that usually means letting me into the device if it is passcode locked,
- It is your responsibility to
  • notify me immediately you have a problem
  • return the device to me as soon as you can (and within 5 workings days of the initial notification)
in order to qualify for a free/warranty repair
Please don't inform me after you have broken a replaced screen that your device has always been faulty, even before the breakage! I will NOT entertain this kind of notification of warranty repair. Likewise, any complaint that you feel the replaced parts are/were inferior will also not be accepted. You are accepting that my parts are at least as good as originals by accepting my conditions of repair.
Also, the warranty only covers bad workmanship (which I believe there is very little of!) and does not cover breakages, so if you drop your phone and crack your screen again, this is obviously not covered. Apple do not class screen breakages as warranty repairs, although you could get lucky!

Flexible Hours
I work long and flexible hours! What that means is if you work all day, you can drop off and collect at quite unsociable hours, such as early morning or late into the evening (I've had collections at 10pm!).
I can accomodate emergency repairs all weekend too, even on a Sunday.
Generally, if you message me (text, WhatsApp, etc) I will respond almost immediately or within a few minutes and that includes late evenings and weekends.

Original Parts
Jock IT uses original or "OEM" parts wherever possible. What this means is that the parts used are or have original parts included in the part. An example is that my iPhone screens are original LCD's with refurbished glass. These are the closest to original parts that you will get. Most of my other parts are originals, such as Samsung or Sony.
People often ask if my parts are original Apple parts but I always remind them that Apple are not a hardware manufacturer - they don't actually make anything! All of their hardware, including replacement screens, are made by their sub-contractors who are more often than not located in China or Taiwan.
For the later iPhones (X.XS, 12 range, 13 range), I use replacement LCD screens. These are cheaper than the original OLED screens but you will generally not notice any difference. I can fit OLED screens but these are more expensive, so please ask if you would like a higher quality OLED screen and I will confirm the price.

Jock IT Terms and Conditions
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