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This was the flagship Apple iPhone!
Mainly distinguishable from the iPhone 5 by the silver ring around the Home button. And the Home button no longer has the 'squircle' on it - its just a plain old button!. All the rest of the differences are mainly inside the phone.
Comes in three colours: Space Grey (black to you and me!), Silver (white) and Gold
Its the same physical size and weight as the iPhone 5 but the main difference is the chip inside. Its gone from an A6 chip to an A7 chip with 64-bit architecture! Wow I hear you say! Basically, its faster!

Here's the price list so far:
  • Screen Replacement: £35
  • Home button repair: £20
  • Battery replacement: £25

And as with most other devices, other repairs can be done including a replacement Home button, power/sleep button, etc.
iPhone 5S
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