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Many thought the 'C' was for 'cheap' but I actually think it is for 'colour' as this phone comes in 5 colours.
The five colours are: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green. Rather differently, these colours represent the back colour (most other iPhone colours represent the front glass colour). The front glass colour on the 5C is always black (although white screens are available).
It is slightly bigger than the iPhone 5 and weights in slightly more too! Its pretty much the same as the 5S too apart from having the older A6 chip inside and some other features missing (not that noticable IMO).

Here's the price list so far:
  • Screen Replacement: £35
  • Battery: £25
  • Charger port: £30

And as with most other devices, other repairs can be done including a replacement Home button, power/sleep button, battery, dock connector etc, and all parts are always in stock.
iPhone 5C
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