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The trusty old iPhone 4 and 4S!
Firstly, how do you tell the difference simply by looking at it? Well, the iPhone 4 has a black line on the silver frame just to the right of headphone jack (looking from the top). On the iPhone 4S, this line has moved to to the left hand side just above the mute switch. So the image you see to the right is an iPhone 4S - see the black line just above the mute switch?
Comes in two colours: White and Black
[The front glass and LCD on the iPhone 4/4S are fused together and are therefore replaced as a single unit. These items can only be separated using specialsied equipment and personally, I don't think its worth the saving. So please don't buy just a cheap front glass from Amazon for about a fiver thinking you've got it solved. To a beginner, the iPhone 4 and 4S are difficult phones to repair.]

Prices are the same for both phones. Here's the price list:
  • Screen Replacement: £35
  • Home button: £30
  • Battery replacement: £25
  • Power button: £35
  • Dock Connector: £30
  • Earpiece repair: £30
  • Speaker repair: £30
As with other phones, repairs can be doubled up for a cheaper rate. For example, a front screen and a back cover is £50, saving £5. A front screen and a home button would be £55, saving £20!
iPhone 4 or 4S
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