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The Galaxy SIII (rather than S3!) was the next phone in line for the Galaxy S series and was slightly bigger and rounder than the SII.
The model number of this phone is the GT-I9300. There also a GT-I9305 which is a slightly enhanced model. The only difference physically is the frame it sits in, so a 9300 frame will not fit a 9305.
The screen is 4.8in across the diagonal. There are two types of screen repair for the SIII, one being a cheaper option. The front glass can be replaced on its own or the whole screen unit including the LCD can be replaced. Prices are below for both. Personally, I feel the best repair is the full screen. The glass only repair can be done with the Optically Clear Adhesive but I don't use that as it's very messy! And as the main screens come down in price, there is now not a lot of difference in price whilst I think there is a lot of difference in the repair. The full screen repair is by far the superior repair.

The main phone comes in several colours: White, Black, Blue, Titanium, Red and Brown.

Here's the price list:
Screen Replacement (Full unit): £65
Screen Replacement Mini (Full unit): £50
Samsung Galaxy S3
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